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Put Your Mouth Where The Money Is

Great Communication Skills Are Essential For Success
A Presentation/Workshop
Now Available for Your Group!
by Mike Landrum
Speaker’s Coach / Speechwriter

  • How can your presentations always succeed?
  • What’s the key to all great communication?
  • What is the secret to overcoming stage-fright?
  • Is PowerPoint working for you or against you?
  • Which powerful tool do most speakers ignore?
  • How can you make a great first impression?
  • What should you be telling people that you’re not?
  • What is the single greatest enemy of any performance, and how can you defeat it?

Discover the answers to these provocative questions – and much more – in this informative, entertaining and useful presentation. Mike Landrum has emerged as one of the top corporate speakers’ coaches in the country. He brings a wealth of experience from a rich and varied career as an actor, writer, director, producer, teacher and spokesperson. His understanding of the problems for successful performance and communication is unparalleled; and his solutions are imaginative and, most importantly, effective. In this presentation he employs all the tools a gifted, classically trained actor can provide along with personal stories and anecdotes from his forty-year career in television and theatre. You’ll leave with new insights into how great communication skills make for successful business relationships.

This presentation can be delivered at various lengths from a twenty-minute talk to a full day workshop.

To Inquire About Rates, Scheduling, etc., Call:
917-647-7893 Or email Mike@CoachMike.com