Speaking Workshops

Good news! We have a Speaking Workshop called Inspiring Trust, coming up in Hawthorne, NY at a future date still to be determined.  It will be a full day workshop covering the skills of presenting yourself and including  an opportunity to make a video pitch for your own web site! Call 917-647-7893 or email me at Mike@Speechwright.com for the chance to decide what date would be best for your company! 

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Think your sales team could use a little work on their presentation skills? How about the folks in marketing? Or your finance people could be clearer with that next report? It's a great idea to put together a small workshop of 6 to 8 people for a full or half day of training that will boost their confidence and make a big difference to the bottom line. There are a number of variations we can make to this idea - taking it from the basic skills to drilling down on a specific presentation. 

Coach Mike Says:

"Ideas, not words, are the true units of communication."


Whether your people speak individually or as a team, live or virtually, we can teach them skill sets that will bring your company immediate results. In the workshop setting we develop leadership abilities for each participant, working with video and group feedback as well as experienced coaching.

We customize each workshop to your company's requirements and specifications to make sure you get exactly the results you are looking for.

"Mike Landrum helped our warriors overcome their wounds. He gave them a new form of "basic training" - speaker training - that has empowered them to fight new battles on behalf of their brothers in arms. Mike is an important way Wounded Warrior Project has literally given new voice to this generation of veterans."  --  Joel Zimmerman, Training Director, Wounded Warrior Project

Mike has taken almost every single person in our organization through his workshop. We hold developing our people as one of our most important responsibilities. Paying attention to all the components of public speaking made them all much better at it. There is no hiding, Mike videos everybody! He has a gentle, calm, light-hearted approach. . . we even had fun!

           Helen English - Executive Vice President, The Distinguished Programs Group