Project Coaching

You have an opportunity to make your best business case to a powerful audience...or perhaps it's a sales pitch to a high-end potential client...or maybe your boss has a bonus in mind for that status report to the board, if it's good enough...success could mean millions for your company - or a big promotion for you. You know what you want to say - it's just a question of how? 

Coach Mike Says: "PowerPoint is a great tool, but it can't create rapport"


Helping you decide HOW is what presentation coaches DO. We can come up with options that might never occur to you. We might start by getting really clear on your message and it's true purpose. We'll analyze your audience until we're sure what outcome they expect. We'll sift that data-dump until we find the one nugget that startles them. We'll help you come up with an opening that really grabs their attention and a finish that closes the deal like a walk-off home run.

What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone!