Media Coaching

Going on TV?

If you get good enough at what you do, sooner or later someone will ask you to appear on television and tell your story, or give advice, or bring us news, or share an insight, or maybe simply explain yourself. But regardless of why you're there, from that moment on - TV/radio will become a major communication tool for your business and your life.

The media can be dangerous. Don't assume that just because you're good looking, articulate, charming, and an expert in your field, that you're going to come across well. You're not in your field now, you're in theirs. They have their purposes, you should have yours. That's where coaching comes in handy. 

Coach Mike Says:

"The personality is the performance of the self"


We can establish your goals and create a strategy to achieve them. We can anticipate their questions and prepare the most advantageous responses. We can role-play on video and create irresistable sound bites that will satisfy your purposes and theirs too. We can practice until you get comfortable on camera.

Perhaps you need a little coaching right now? Click below for some tips on coming across well on our most ubiquitous medium. Check it out. And it's printable!

White Paper: Appearing on Television