Coaching One-On-One

The podium can be a lonely place. Few executives are up in front of audiences often enough to really hone their skills, master the nuances and accomplish everything they could as a speaker. Often it's a bare-bones message containing the dry necessities delivered in a monotone by a suit reading from a text.

Business leaders today understand that a speech is a rare opportunity to reach out to their listeners and forge a bond of understanding; or, as Warren Bennis put it: "transforming feeling into shared meaning." Achieving that depth of rapport is the goal of working one-on-one, over time, toward a single important event.

Coach Mike Says:

                   "Rise to speak and speak to rise! "


If you are a top executive facing a 'make-or-break' opportunity, you would be wise to get some coaching well in advance. Together we can frame a message that tells a compelling business story, and then work on your delivery to motivate and inspire your audience. Great leaders have learned the skills to develop a commanding presence, and so can you, with a little one-on-one coaching.

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